Collision Repair Services

We offer variety of collision repair services. Select a service below to learn more.

Our estimate and repair systems incorporates the latest computerized technology that allows us to find and repair hidden damage even the most thorough visual inspections miss. And we ensure the integrity of the whole vehicle by backing it up with a lifetime written warranty. From the latest foreign and domestic models to your full size pickup or SUV, we will repair your vehicle to your complete satisfaction.

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Excalibur utilizes the latest technology and equipment to properly align your vehicle’s frame to factory specification. Even a slight variance from the manufacturer’s specifications can impact the performance and longevity of your vehicle’s life. Our technicians are fully trained on the proper use of a computerized measurement system to align your vehicle’s frame to meet or exceed factory specifications. We offer full-service capabilities for foreign and domestic cars and trucks (including hybrids), unibody, two-wheel drive or four-wheel drive/all-wheel drive.

The quality of the paint materials, the skill of the paint technician and the paint booth technology are all critical components to ensuring your repaired vehicle looks as good or better than it did when it rolled off the assembly line and has the durability to stay in show-room condition for years to come.

  • Paint Materials: Excalibur utilizes the highest quality water-borne paint system available, which is safer for the environment and guarantees undisputable color matching. All paint work comes with a free, life-time warranty.
  • Paint Technicians: Our paint technicians undergo rigorous, on-going training to ensure that we are utilizing the latest technology and the best methods in the industry. We have invested in paint-mixing and spraying technologies that consistently produce show-room quality results EVERY time!
  • Paint Booth Technology: To achieve the highest quality finish, it is imperative that the temperature and airflow be precisely controlled according to the specifications for the paint being applied. Excalibur utilizes a series of Italian-made paint booths that are guaranteed to replicate the quality and luster of an OEM finish.

PDR is a proven process of removing small dents and dings without damaging the paint. PDR is done by trained technicians using specially designed hand tools that remove small dents out of sheet metal from the back side of the panel. The process can significantly reduce the cost of repairing hail damage, door dings and small dents.

Alignment is one of the key maintenance factors in getting the most wear and performance from your tires. In addition, wheel alignment provides safe, predictable vehicle control as well as a smooth and comfortable ride that's free of pulling or vibration. Today's modern suspensions require a precise four-wheel alignment that can only be achieved through a modern alignment system. This applies to both front and rear wheel drive vehicles. Excalibur has invested in a state-of-the-art wheel alignment system to ensure that your vehicle’s suspension is adjusted so that the caster, camber, toe and ride height are all set to the manufacturers’ specification.

Maintaining the tire balance on your vehicle is critical to maximizing your tire investment. Not only will properly balanced tires provide for a smoother ride, it will also minimize tire wear. A complete line of tires and wheels are available for purchase at Excalibur. Our service technicians are experts in tire mounting and balancing and will keep your ride running smoothly.

Excalibur collision center provides windshield and auto glass installation and replacement. We can also repair small chips and other small damages.

Excalibur will help prepare your vehicle for lease return inspection, trade-in or getting it ready for sale. A few minor repairs, touch-ups or overall buffing can really pay-off by increasing your vehicle’s rating from “average” to “excellent”.

  • Detailing (buffing, shampooing, interior cleaning/deoderizing)
  • Paint touch-ups
  • Replace damaged or missing parts (control knobs, trim pieces, fasteners, etc.)
  • Bumper repair and replacement
  • Scratch, scuff, and dent Removal
  • Repair rock chips